Beehive Removals

The process behind removing a beehive from a home, camper, awning, or any other livable space is surprisingly simple.

 First, thermal imaging is used to determine the exact location of the beehive so as to be as intrusive on the home as possible. Our state of the art thermal imaging technology allows us to cut away as little of your home as possible, so as to allow a much easier cleanup!

Infrared Beehive Wall Awning Heat Vision
Beehive Honey Comb Bees Wall Removal

Shown above is an example of the result of our thermal imaging. The only section of wall taken away here is exactly where the bees have built up their comb.

Beehive Removal Smoke Smoker Swarm Veil

Then the cavity (Either into a wall, awning, etc.) is opened and the bees are vacuumed out safely and the honeycomb removed and neatly packaged. Often smoke will be blown into the hive. Don't worry, it's usually pine needles! It serves to calm the bees down while they're being relocated.

Beehive Honey Honeycomb Comb Vacuum Removal Bees
Honeycomb placed into beehive frame with rubber bands

Once the bees are removed, a deterrent mixed from essential oils is sprayed into the cavity and left to dry, preventing any future scouts from marking the area as a potential home for their hive.

Here, you can see a section of honeycomb being packed away neatly in one of our hive frames. Bees become quickly acclimated to the new size and shape of their home in the hive box they are placed in upon arrival at Happy Wings Honey Farms property.

Jennings Bee Yard Hive installation

With the bees safely removed, the queen and her hive are taken to Happy Wings property, where there's plenty of pollen to go around!