About Happy Wings Honey Farms

Happy Wings Honey Farms is a small business centered around the sales of honey and various honey-related products, as well as beehive removals from your home. Founded in 2010 originally as a meal worm growing operation, we have since expanded into the honey market with new, innovative products. Find us online either here on our website or on our Facebook page for more frequent updates!

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Our Services!

Beehive Removals! Have bees flying in or around in your home or around you children's play area? Give us a call! We'll come over and offer a free estimate on the removal service. We offer a twelve month guarantee that no bees will be found residing in that area!

Honey-related Products! Not only do we sell honey, but we also offer a wide variety of flavored honeys and all-natural skin care products made with real, raw honey! Our products range from itch relief and insect repellents to stretch mark cream and heel & elbow balm. We're present at many farmers markets ranging from Lake Charles to Lafayette and occasionally further! We're open to inquiries about our attendance at various markets, especially larger events.

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